Goal 1

Goal 1. Develop a professional identity and philosophy within the library and information profession.


Outcome 1b. Articulate the philosophies, theories, models, and/or major perspectives of the library and information professions

The paper below was written for LIS 770 Management of Libraries and Information Centers and the presentation was made for LIS 704 Reference and Online Services. The Administration and Shadow interview addressed major perspectives of library and information profession. I interviewed my branch manager about her library philosophy and challenges in managing a branch in a large library system. This assignment aliened my principles and values that are important for public librarianship and validated my passion for community empowerment.  The presentation articulates models and philosophies needed for reference librarians in the digital age. A strong emphasis on virtual reference and librarian instruction are express in the presentation.



Outcome 1c. Participate in professional activities and associations, such as professional conferences and meetings, internships and practicums, and professional email discussions and social media.

This video journal was made for LIS 796 International Book Fair Guadalajara. It talks about my experience during our trip to the book fair as well as my interests and ideas for international librarianship. I was a recipient of ALA free pass program for working to build and improve Spanish language collection. This course allowed me to immerse myself in Mexican culture and participate in professional activities. I had the opportunity to attend a REFORMA meeting in Mexico where I was able to network with other librarians and discuss best collection development practices.


Outcome 1d. Apply the core values and ethics of LIS to diverse local, national, and global contexts.

For LIS 701 Intro to Library and Information Science I wrote “Librarians as Agents of Change for Incarcerated Youth”, which addressed the view of librarians as providing literacy and educational development to disenfranchised populations. This introduction course to librarianship provided a foundation and in-depth exploration of core values that are provided by the American Library Association. This paper connects many of the core values of access, social responsibility, and service to the work librarians achieve in detention centers.