Goal 2

Goal 2: Understand the essential nature of information and its relevance to society.

Outcome 2b. Explain the impact of information policies on intellectual freedom, access, literacy, information behavior, and other aspects of library and information science.

For this outcome, my assignment for LIS 753 Internet Fundamentals and Design comes to mind. This paper reflects on the impact librarians have in the information world today and issues of privacy. Most importantly it provides a historical context to the principles of intellectual freedom, access, censorship and advancements of the internet and technology. LIS 753 not only taught me design and internet fundamentals, but it connected issues in privacy that affect information policies. It also created a new context to libraries as platforms for patrons to create and share information.


Outcome 2c. Assess the information needs and interests of diverse communities and organizations.

In LIS 701 Intro to Library and Information Science I reported and presented on The National Museum of Mexican Art. The report includes assessment of the museums presence and importance in the community. As well as the museums commitment to promoting art, accessibility, education and social justice to its patrons. As an institution, the NMMA servers as a community anchor that provides education and preservation of Mexican art and culture. I also included a mini-grant proposal that was accepted by the Chicago Public Library (CPL) Teen Services department. As a teen associate for CPL, I work in a predominant Latino neighborhood where teens express high interest in social media and technology. As my initial assessment of teen needs and interests I created a summer program in collaboration with Chicago artist Luis Benavides. This program explored art through different technological mediums.



Outcome 2d. Develop appropriate responses to information needs.

For this outcome, I designed and proposed a game (created in www.Sploder.com) that addressed information needs of teens and their use of social media. In EDU 786 Gaming in Education, our final assignment was to create an educational game that focused social issues faced by youth today. My game design proposal paper explains the need for basic social literacy including do’s and don’ts of social media in a gaming platform.  The game was developed as a means to teach information literacy in the context of social media, most importantly it will be easily digestible by teens based on their interests.