Goal 3

Goal 3: Navigate Curate and Create Information across the spectrum of human records.

Outcome 3b. Utilize resources or tools to manage information.

LIS 724 Integrating Technology into Programing Services and Instruction was one of my favorite courses it incorporated technology and digital resources to facilitate instruction. During the course, we were instructed to compile our course work into a blog format. I created a Google Blogger account titled “Interpreting the WWW” where information was organized and published. This blog remains as a resource for instructional projects and utilize as a tool in my professional practice. In a blog post titled “Pathfinder Assignment,” I used Tes Teach as a tool to support teens in learning basic concepts and open source software in animation.


Outcome 3c. Evaluate resources or tools that facilitate access to and manage information.

For this outcome, I created a social media report of Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia program. I used analytics to interpret engagement and efficiency. In LIS 768 Social Media Emerging Technologies we were assigned to evaluate its performance. I found this assignment useful as libraries are starting to incorporate social media into their marketing and visibility. These social media accounts are the source of information for many patrons.


Outcome 3d. Assess applicability of current and emerging technologies to information management.

For this outcome, I have chosen Holy Cross Library Usability Report and presentation from LIS 753 Internet Fundamentals and Design course. For this assignment I assessed design, user friendliness and learnability of a selected library website. In this study, I conducted a usability test with 10 participants, created a questionnaire and evaluation of responses. In my presentation, I reported my findings and provided recommendations for librarians managing this website.