Goal 4

Goal 4:  Synthesize theory and practice within a dynamic and evolving information environment.

Outcome 4a. Apply library and information science theories, principles, and research to professional practice.

For LIS 793 Assessment of Programs and Services, I created an “Assessment Plan of Library Field Trips.” This report provides a better understanding of the impacts library field trips have on youth social and emotional development. This assessment plan was our final project that culminated in providing existing research and using various models of assessment we learned throughout the course. Data was also collected from my professional experience providing field trips to youth in my library. This assessment plan was also shared with the director of teen services for Chicago Public Library.


Outcome 4b. Describe how library and information science theories and practices inform and improve emerging technologies.

This paper was written for LIS 770 Management Libraries and Information Centers course. The paper explains how libraries are taking a stand in environmental sustainability initiatives and programs. Library administration and management can greatly benefit from adopting sustainably practices in urban areas because of the opportunity it creates for communities in education, civic engagement and community empowerment. This course has helped me understand the various capacities librarians lead to empower communities to address serious issues they may face.


Outcome 4c. Demonstrate teaching and learning principles in relation to professional practice.

I had the opportunity to present in a panel during Illinois Library Association Conference in 2016. The panel titled “Discovery, Advocacy and Leadership in Every Day STEAM-Powered Teen Programs” gave me a platform to share successful programs I created in STEAM. These programs provided teens an opportunity to gain leadership skills and advocate for environmental and social justice issues. Our panel presentation concluded with a Q & A and demonstration of items teens created in our STEAM programs