Goal 5

Goal 5:  Effectively communicate and collaborate to deliver, market, and advocate for library and information services.

Outcome 5a. Apply marketing principles to demonstrate and promote the value of libraries and information agencies.

For this outcome, I decided to use a presentation I created for the Chicago Public Library Board summarizing our program highlights. I also included flyers and social media posts created to promote our program and most importantly showcase teen creations. This presentation was important to show administration and board members the impact grant funds have on youth in low income communities.


Outcome 5c. Negotiate group dynamics in pursuit of a common goal.

This maker space proposal was created in LIS 724 Integrating Technology into Programing Services and Instruction. For the assignment, we were paired up with other classmates and instructed to create a maker space with a limited budget. My team of three had to overcome challenges that would arise while working with different personal styles and technological skill sets. There were deadlines, meetings, and time management issues that made it difficult to finish the project in a timely manner. Despite the challenges, our team was able to turn in our project on the due date and present our project to the class. This project relied heavily on my problem solving, leadership and mediation skills.


Outcome 5e. Demonstrate leadership in relation to professional practice.

For this outcome, I included a video that was created by a partnership between me and LRNG organization. The video focuses on one of  four  summer teen interns who demonstrated a variety of skills and achievements during his time working at the library. As his direct supervisor, I had to manage and provide meaningful mentorship for his first professional internship experience. My leadership skills were projected though his feedback and most importantly his outlook on libraries.